2021 Rabies Clinic Schedule

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Alabama State Law states that all dogs and cats three months and older should be vaccinated. Failure to vaccinate is a violation of State Law (Title 3. Chapter 7A. Sec 1-15). Only one year vaccine will be available on rabies clinic according to state law.

For the safety of you and your pet, we request that you have your dogs on a leash and cats in a pillow case or carrier. We thank you for your cooperation

Total Pet Care Hospital

1.) May 22nd, 2021 

      -Pinson Triangle Park   8:00-8:45am 

    -Clay Methodist  Church    9:15-10:00am 

   - Trussville City Hall  10:15-11:00am 

    -Leeds Civic Center Complex  11:30-12:00pm 


2.)  June 5th, 2021  

      -Fultondale Fire Department  8:00-9:00am 

    -Gardendale Civic Center  9:30-10:00am 

    -Mount Olive Community Center  11:00-11:45am 


3.) June 12th, 2021 

    -Corner Old High School  8:00-8:45am 

  - Cane Creek Fire Department 9:00-9:30am 

  -Warrior behind City Hall  9:45-10:15am 

  -Trafford Baptist Church 10:30-11:00am 

  - Kimberly Town Hall 11:30-11:45am


4.) June 19th, 2021 

   -Eastern Valley Farr Hardware  8:00-8:30 

  -McCalla Pleasant Hill Methodist Church 8:45-9:15am 

  -Kimbrell Bellview Baptist Church 9:30-10:00am 

   -Rock Mountain Baptist Church 10:30-11:00 

   -Pleasant Grove Elementary School  11:30-12:00pm 


5.) June 26th, 2021 

    -Vestavia Methodist Church  8:00-8:30am 

  -Hoover Prince of Peace Catholic Church 9:00-9:30am 

 -Hoover YMCA 10:00-10:30am 

 -Genry Gap South Crest Baptist Church 11:00-11:30am 


6.) July 10th, 2021 

  -Leeds Civic Center Complex  8:00-8:30am 

   -Trussville City Hall  9:00-9:45am 

   -Clay Methodist Church  10:15-10:45am 

   -Pinson Triangle Park  11:15-12:00pm 

7.) July 17th, 2021 

-Hueytown Highlander Foodland  Lee’s Junction 8:00-8:30 

-Adger Fire Department  8:45-9:15am 

-Hueytown Virginia Mines Fire District  9:30-10:00am 

-Concord Rock Creek Church of God   10:15-10:45am 

-Hueytown Stadium  11:00-11:30am 


8.) July 24th, 2021 

-Forestdale BB&T Bank  8:00-8:30am 

-Shady Grove Village Store 8:45-9:15am 

-Brookside Fire Station 9:30-9:45am 

-Republic Brookside Town & Country 10:00-10:30am 

-Hillview Baptist Church 10:45-11:15am 


9.)  July 31st, 2021 

 -Rocky Ridge Cumberland Presbyterian Church 8:00-8:30am 

-Hoover Court (Next to Publix) 9:00-9:30am 

-Bluff Park Methodist Church 10:00-10:30am 

-Homewood Patriot Park  11:00-11:30am 


10.) August 7th, 2021 

-Trussville City Hall  8:00-8:45am 

-Trussville Sulphur Springs Baptist Church 9:00-9:30am 

-Tarrant City Hall 10:15-10:45am 

-Bradford Ball Park  11:15-11:30am 


11.) August 14th, 2021 

-Oak Grove Fire Station 8:00-8:30am 

-Big Creek Warrior River Fire & Rescue 8:45-9:15am 

-Alliance Abundant Life 9:45-10:15am 

-Sylvan Springs Community Center 10:30-11:00am 

-Minor Community Center 11:30-12:00pm 


12.) August 21st, 2021 

-Tarrant Boyles Baptist Church  8:00-8:15am 

-Center Point Civitan Park  8:45-9:15am 

-Pinson Triangle Park  9:30-10:15am 

 -Clay Methodist Church 10:45-11:15am 

-Trussville City Hall 11:30-12:00pm 


13.) August 28th, 2021 

-Fultondale Fire Station 8:00-8:30am 

-Gardendale Civic Center  8:45-9:15am 

-Mount Olive Community Center  9:30-10:00am 

-Cane Creek Community Center 10:15-10:45am 

-Warrior City Hall  11:00-11:30am 

-Kimberly Town Hall 11:40-12:00pm 


14.) September 11th, 2021 

-Graymont Hill School  8:00-8:15am 

-West Highland School  8:30-8:45am 

-North Birmingham Old Family Dollar Parking Lot E 9:00-9:30am 

-New Georgia Baptist Church 10:00-10:30am 

-Southside Glen Iris School 11:00-11:15am 

-Titusville Center Street School 11:30-11:45am 

-West End Jackson School 12:00-12:15pm 


15.) September 18th, 2021 

-Hueytown Stadium  8:00-8:30am 

-Concord Baptist Church 8:45-9:15am 

-Oak Grove Fire Station #3 9:45-10:15am 

-Betty Hills Grocery 10:45-11:15am 

-Old Alliance School  11:45-12:00pm 


16.) September 25th, 2021 

-Trafford Baptist Church 8:00-8:30am 

-Bradford Ball Park  8:45-9:15am 

-Pinson Triangle Park 9:45-10:45am 

-Center Point Civitan Park  11:15-11:45am 


17.) October 2nd , 2021 

Castledale Swann Food Store  8:00-8:30am 

Morris City Hall  9:00-9:30am 

Patridge Crossroads BP Service Station 10:00-10:30am 

Bagley Junior High School 10:45-11:00am 


18.) October 9th, 2021 

-Cahaba Heights Baptist Church   8:00-8:30am 

-Hoover Publix Supermarket 9:00-9:30am 

-Bluff Park Methodist Church 10:00-10:30am 

-Homewood Trinity Methodist Church  11:00-11:30am